UVLê Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice tells users how Interactive Learning Center Diliman (ILC Diliman) will collect and use personal information in order to provide access to the University Virtual Learning Environment (UVLê). This notice will tell users how UVLê keeps and processes personal information.

Who are we?

Interactive Learning Center Diliman (ILC Diliman) is an office under the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academics Affairs (OVCAA) of the University of the Philippines Diliman (UP Diliman). ILC Diliman is mandated to help in the development of faculty expertise in the use of technologies in teaching and learning. The University Virtual Learning Environment (UVLê) is a learning management system hosted by ILC Diliman. It is used by faculty members to create a private online space with tools and activities optimized for learning.

What is the information held by UVLê?

Information held by UVLê includes personal information such as name, username, email address, ID number and other user contributed information. Other contributed personal information may be included either within profile description, chat rooms/messages, and uploaded private files.

UVLê contains information about course contributions including forum discussions, uploaded files/resources, assignment submissions, and other participated tools and activities. User related information including grades, scores, feedback comments, user completion, access rights, and group membership is also recorded.

UVLê keeps logs about user activities which include events/actions of the user, timestamps, network address, and browser identity information. Logs are used to create summary statistics and reports which will be internally available.

Where does UVLê information come from?

For UP Diliman constituents, access to UVLê is via DilNet account. Personal information such as name, username, email address, and ID number are collected based on the supplied information through LDAP Authentication. LDAP directories are supplied by the University Computer Center.

Other accounts especially for none Diliman constituents are requested via ILC Diliman Helpdesk to verify if the user is registered in the University of the Philippines System. Collected information includes the name and email address.

Users can link their UP Mail account as an alternative login. UVLê integration with Google Authentication includes the following scopes:

  • profile - To view basic profile info
  • email - To view email address
  • openid - To authenticate using OpenID Connect
  • https://www.googleapis.com/auth/drive - To access and download native Google documents in Google Drive.

UVLê also contains additional information supplied in other profile fields, messages, private files, and course related activities.

How UVLê uses personal information?

UVLê records and uses personal information to:

  • Provide access to the UVLê
  • Be identifiable within UVLê
  • Provide access to courses and pages
  • Provide the ability to upload and delete certain information
  • Contact user regarding UVLê usage and features
  • Connect user to other online services within UP Diliman
  • Produce internal statistics for management and planning

Who has access to UVLê data?

The UVLê administrators have access to all information stored within UVLê for the purposes mentioned above.

Course administrators, mainly faculty members, have access to the personal information and contributions of other users enrolled in their course.

Users can search and view other users within UVLê for the purpose of private messaging and course enrollment.

UVLê system logs are restricted to UVLê administrators with the exception of course-specific logs which are also made accessible to Course administrators or teachers of the course.

Where is UVLê information shared?

ILC Diliman shares your personal information with the requesting office of UP Diliman subject to the approval of the ILC Diliman Director. Relevant information may be passed to the University Computer Center and Data Privacy Office as part of an investigation into misuse of the system.

UVLê information may be shared to other online services within UP Diliman. The UVLê integration module for managing courses and classlists is currently integrated to Computerized Registration System (CRS).

UVLê data retention?

Information and data uploaded in UVLê including accounts, course contributions in activities and resources are retained to maintain UVLê statistics and usage. Deletion of courses and users are not encouraged.

UVLê data is backed up for the purpose of reinstatement of the data in case of system failures and errors. Backups are done daily, weekly, and monthly.

Other policies and notices?