Welcome participants! This introductory course on teaching and learning in higher education is intended for new or early-career faculty members in the university, particularly those teaching at the undergraduate level. The principles, strategies, and examples shared here are expected to apply across disciplines and modes of instruction (e.g., remote, online, blended, face-to-face). However, because the course focuses on fundamentals, discipline-specific concerns may not always be addressed.

This course is divided into 5 parts:

·           Overview of Teaching in Higher Education

·           Developing Reflective Practitioners

·           Basics of Instructional Design

·           Building your Blended Learning Toolbox

·            Quality Assurance in Higher Education

This site is designed as a repository of resources of our synchronous and asynchronous sessions. This is also where you will answer the quiz and submit 2 assignments (teaching philosophy and sample course plan of a teaching unit/module).

The course involves offline exercises with face-to-face workshops and opportunities for interaction with co-participants and facilitators. In addition to exposing participants to theory-and evidence-based strategies in relation to effective university teaching, learning is expected to happen through collaboration and sharing of best practices. We will learn by doing and sharing.

We are grateful to all our speakers, learning partners, and facilitators who agreed to share their knowledge and experiences on the various modules we have prepared for you. We hope that this will be helpful for you in your teaching journey! You may begin your exploration now.