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Turnitin AI Writing Detector

Turnitin AI Writing Detector

by UVLê Admin -
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Dear UVLe users,

We are pleased to inform you our Turnitin AI Writing capabilities

Turnitin's AI writing detection algorithm indicates that the overall percentage of prose sentences contained in a long-form writing format inside the submitted document was created by AI. Turnitin's AI writing detection feature is intended to assist instructors in identifying content that may have been generated by generative AI technology.

Turnitin AI Writing Detector has the ability to:

  • Detects AI-generated works.

  • Detects paraphrased AI-generated works.

  • The Turnitin AI Writing Detector also classifies grammatically verified work written by an AI technology as AI generated work.

The Turnitin AI Detector returns three (3) different results: 

  1. The first one is the blue indicator with a percentage of 0–100. This means that the submission is successful, and this will also indicate the percentage of AI generated from the work.

  2. The second result is the gray result. If Turnitin returns a gray result, this means that the work is unable to be processed by the Turnitin AI detector because the submission does not meet the file requirements to process it for AI writing detection. The file should meet the following requirements:

    1. File size should not exceed 100 MB

    2. File must have at least 300 words and not exceed 15,000 words.

    3. File must be written in English

    4. Types of accepted file types: .docx, .pdf, .txt, .rtf

  3. Lastly, is the red result or the Error result. This means that Turnitin has failed to process the submission. 

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